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Remote Sensing
Basic Principle of Remote Sensing
Principle uses of Remote Sensing
Principle Platforms and their sensor for Land Evaluation

How does the spacecraft send us data?
Why satellites images have different colors?

Image Processing Systems
Input Data
Image Rectification and Restoration
Radiometric Correction
Noise Removal
Geometric Correction
Image Enhancement
Grey Level Thresholding
Level Sicing
Contrast Stretching
Image Registration (or Resampling)


Image Transformation
Making Coulour Image (Colour Composite)
Image Colour Combination

Image Classification
Supervised Classification

  • Maximum Likehood Classification
  • Minimum Distance Classification
  • Parallelepiped Classification
  • Unsupervised Classification

Post Classification Smoothing
Ground Truth Classification and Accuracy Assessment
Evaluating the Accuracy of Classification
Remote Sensing Technologies for Updating GIS information

General-Purpose land cover classification
Advantages of Remote Sensing for land evaluation
Disadvantages of Remote Sensing for land evaluation

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