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        The Science Library has a total staff of 7 , being directed by the  Associate Dean for Information Technology and Assistant Dean for Information Technology. The Staff includes three librarians, two assistant librarians and four other personnel. Six services of the library are Reference and Serials, Catalog and Classification, Database Retrieval, Interlibrary Loans, Circulation, and Acquisitions.

List of the Staff:
Mrs. Duangjan Phyakpan : (Chief Librarian)
Miss Nataya Saengsakul : (Librarian: Catalog)
Mrs. Sukanda Yaisomanang : (Librarian: Database Retrieval and Interlibrary Loans)
Mr. Samruam Tongkham : (Assistant Librarian: Reference and Serials)
Miss Charoanporn Wongpratum
: (Assistant Librarian: Circulation Services)
Miss Samran Hua-Don : (Check-Out Books)
Mrs.Sunee Pua-Pae: (Check-Out Books)

Last updated: March 29,2003
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