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(Formally DIALOG)

        Knight - Ridder provides access to cover 450 online databases and more than 45 CD-ROM titles. Users search fees vary depending on the database and the type of information retrieved. The average cost is $ 1.40 per minute, plus printing charges. The patron is responsible for charges in exess of $ 8.50. DIALOG is not available for public use. The Databases Services are:

Dun's Financial records plus

ERIC : database on educational materials from the Educational Resources Information Center

International Dun's market identifiers: directory listing of over 2.9 million articles

MEDLINE: a major source for international biomedical literature

Newsper Full-Text: databases provide full - text access to over 50 newspapers nationwide

PSYC INFO : provides access to database in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences

Sociological Abstracts

Trademarkscan: U.S. Patent and Trademark offices

If you are using another browser, you can also access KR Science Base at

http://Krscience.dialog.com or


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