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The Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University is the oldest Physics Department in Thailand. It was founded on January 29, 1934 as one of the first four departments in the Faculty of Science.

The Department of Physics comprises of staff members with a broad range of backgrounds and research interests who share a common dedication towards teaching in physics and research. The Department offers general physics, medical physics and their associated practical courses for students from other faculties such as faculty of education, engineering, medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health science and pharmacy. Fundamental and applied physics courses are also offered leading to degrees in Physics at the BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Graduate students are also expected to pursue research leading to their theses.

In response to the severe shortage of physicist which follows the rapid growth in economics and industries, the department has adjusted it's curriculum from time to time in oder to prepare our graduates. Early graduates have typically gone to professions in academic and in science-related government agencies. Some of these graduates are able to switch to

other fields such as material science, chemical or electrical engineering, business administration, applied mathematics, computer science, and nuclear technology. Our graduates now play important roles as university faculties; R&D scientist in the government sector and in the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, executives and researchers in private sector such as in cement, electronics and telecommunications industries.

In addition to basic facilities required for teaching and research, the Deparment has a computerized telescope used by Astronomy Research Group. Other active research groups are Semiconductor Physics Research Laboratory, the Forum for Theoretical Science, the Forum for Computational Science and Plasma Research Laboratory.

The Department has always encouraged interdisciplinary research and high quality academic and industrial collaboration. Currently, the department has many active research collaborations with many institution around the world, such as in America, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, including ICTP at Trieste and Asian African Association for Plasma Training (AAAPT).