Asst.Prof.Dr. Prapan Kuchonthara
ผศ. ดร. ประพันธ์ คูชลธารา




B.Sc. (Chem.Eng.), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
M.Sc. (Chem.Sys.Eng.), The University of Tokyo, Japan
Ph.D. (Chem.Sys.Eng.), The University of Tokyo, Japan
Office hour : Mon Wed Fri 11-12

Energy Technology
Energy conversion processes needs improvement to reach high efficiency and also low enviornmental impacts. Hydrogen energy is one of solutions because of its low loss during the converson processes. In addition, Energy recuperation technology and process integration must be taken into account.

Gasification involves subjecting solid biomass to hot steam and air to produce a gaseous biofuel. This gas (also called synthesis gas) can be burned for heating, electricity production, or may be further converted to act as a substitute for almost any fossil fuel. The advantage of this process is that the synthesis gas is a better fuel than the original solid biomass, and can be stored & transported more easily. Steam gasification is promoted to be a process for Hydrogen Production.

Process Simulation
Process simulation and design are performed in order to evaluate overall performance of the (energy conversion) processes, which are particularly power generation.

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